Spring cleaning schedule

My dear friend James once told me – sort of jokingly, after I had told him some schedule I mapped out – that he felt sorry for the guy who would marry me one day.  Well, this is probably one of those times when everyone would feel sorry for my poor fiancé.

Remember when I said spring cleaning is my favorite?  I was not kidding. 🙂

This weekend we’re going to tackle our shared apartment, and I am so excited!  Here’s the tentative schedule I have planned out:

Screen shot 2016-02-24 at 4.04.06 PMI know it, my fiancé is a lucky guy.  In my defense, though, I have been wanting a weekend like this for the last year and a half!  The weird thing about moving into an already-occupied apartment is I had to squeeze my belongings into the empty nooks, so it has never felt 50/50.  More like 90/10!  The thought that I might have my very own drawer for socks, or a space to store my Christmas decorations, is going to keep me going this weekend. 🙂



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