It’s here. 🙂

I’m a little late on my May goals post, due to all kinds of curveballs over here.  Kind of weird to have a final wedding goals post!

Screen Shot 2016-05-05 at 9.12.23 PM
Lately! (@jenretter on insta)


Here’s what’s left this month:

  • Print programs
  • Finish up my escort cards/coasters
  • Get our marriage license
  • Pack for the honeymoon

Besides last-minute things, that’s it!  The pros of a long engagement. 😉

This weekend is my friend Hannah’s wedding (she’s also marrying a Jo(h)n!) and I can’t wait to see her as a bride.  We have been each other’s texting support from time to time with etiquette/dress/RSVP questions, and I love that we’ve talked about our Jo(h)ns for years and now we’re marrying them in the same month.

I’ve been slowly collecting a list of things I want to do in June/July when things slow down, like take golf lessons and make a pretty gallery wall.  Exciting, I know.  I’m going to miss writing (500) Days of Engagement!

Hooray for a honeymoon in 25 days!


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