Honeymoon plans

“Honeymoons are supposed to be relaxing,” people keep saying.

Hahaha. Have you met us, though?

While we temporarily considered going back to the Bahamas for our honeymoon, we couldn’t really pass up the opportunity to take two weeks further away. New Zealand/Australia and Europe were both serious contenders, but since it’s winter in the southern hemisphere, we went with Europe.

Stop 1: France Source
Stop 1: France   Source

I generally consider us to be good planners and budget-conscious (oldest children, woo!), but this trip was a little more complicated. As I was looking through one of my favorite travel bloggers’ site (The Simple Sol), I saw she had a page for travel planning. Yes, please!

Stop 2: Switzerland Source
Stop 2: Switzerland   Source

In short, having Taylor plan our honeymoon was the best decision. We gave her the countries we wanted and our budget, and she planned everything.

Stop 3: Germany Source
Stop 3: Germany   Source

She managed to give us tours and experiences – along with flights, trains (OK, still working out trains – they’re confusing), a car rental, and hotels – all in our budget. She is by no means compensating me to say this, but I’m honestly impressed!

Stop 4: Austria Source
Stop 4: Austria   Source

One day when we do get around to taking that New Zealand/Australia trip, we’ll definitely be reaching out to The Simple Sol again.


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