Groomsmen attire ideas

I wrote about bridesmaids dresses a couple months ago, so groomsmen are next.

This is one of John’s tasks, which means it’s been pushed back many, many times on the timeline. Ahh! So there is no groomsmen attire yet, just some *ideas* that could work.

1. Groom in seersucker

Via Skyla Walton

Seersucker is so light and perfect for a summer wedding. However, nowhere rents seersucker (if you find a place, will you let me know?) and we’re not crazy enough to make everyone buy a seersucker suit. Only the groom in seersucker is a potential option, with everyone else in seersucker bow ties.


2. Suspenders + bowties

Via Wedding Chicks
Via Wedding Chicks

One of my college roommates had this look for her wedding (not these photos), and it turned out really cute. It was a hot June day and the groomsmen rolled up their sleeves. Even though it was a casual look, it looked perfect for their outdoor wedding.


3. Beige <3

Via Haley Rynn Ringo
Via Haley Rynn Ringo

Beige gets a little heart because I’m team beige. It’s so summery! It’s so perfect! This wedding in the photo is the inspiration for our own theme and I’m obsessed with it.  See how great beige + pink + green go together? It’s fate. If I got to choose, which I don’t, it would be beige.


4. All gray

Via Bryce Covey
Via Bryce Covey

Super easy and classic. A lighter gray would look great for a May wedding and the subdued suit color makes the boutonniere pop.


5. Mismatched

Via Chic Vintage Brides
Via Chic Vintage Brides

No I’m just kidding, I hate this. It would be possibly cool if the bridesmaids were mismatched, but they aren’t. I think I just picked this one because the guy on the right (is he the groom or the best man?) is cute. You’re welcome. 🙂



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