DIY: Engagement photos dress

On account of being the world’s most indecisive person, I looked for months for a cute dress for engagement photos and came up empty-handed.


The week of the photos I decided now would be a great time to learn to sew. I already had a sewing machine, on which I’d made like two banners and a failed purse, so I at least had the equipment ready. And I knew immediately I’d be making a Sew Caroline dress with, if I could find it, Sew Caroline fabric.

Gleeful fabric line from Sew Caroline

I first learned of Sew Caroline in college, when my friend Joellen picked up sewing and I would tag along to Cabbage Rose to help her find fabric. Joellen introduced me to Sew Caroline’s Instagram, which we would pour over, amazed at her style and sewing skills. One time we bought fabric from Sew Caroline herself, long before she had her own line, though we were too starstruck to say anything.

One thing I love about the younger generation of crafters is that everything they do is easily accessibly digitally. So Monday, Day 1, I downloaded the digital pattern.

Find it here
Find it here

Tuesday, day 2, lunch break I bought the last last last Gleeful fabric from Cabbage Rose. Yes! I got home, all ready to sew with a Starbucks in hand in case it took me all night, and after I cut out all the patterns I found out I had the wrong needle.

Pattern cutting fun <3

Wednesday, day 3, I’m now feeling determined to get this dress done. My fiancé is now watching me for signs of tears, offering to take me shopping for a dress instead. This is very sweet but just makes me want to prove I can do this. I finish the whole damn dress.


(Ok, I broke my new needle on the last hem. So I technically finished it Thursday in a minute or two 🙂 )

I think this goes to show that if you feel like it, you could totally do this in one day if you’re prepared.

And… here’s how it turned out in engagement photos!

j1 j2 D2FA6E40-7494-4186-BE5A-312EBE4A4D80


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