April goals

Happy April!  I am not much for April Fool’s Day because I’m too gullible, and I really think you are pregnant/married/injured/whatever you’re trying to fool me with.

I’ll just stick to posting my goals today, and none of them are jokes!  I would never kid about goal-setting. 😉

One month & change til we're saying our vows here!
One month & change til we’re saying our vows here!


  • Hair+ makeup  trial/bridal portraits: These are the same day next week, and hopefully all goes well.
  • Finalize schedules for travel: We’ll meet with our travel planner to go over all the booking numbers and questions about our honeymoon.
  • Day of gifts + groomsmen gifts: Though we had planned on big day-of gifts, I think we’ll do something simpler.  I already have gifts for the bridesmaids, but we need to get gifts for the groomsmen.
  • Follow up on RSVPs: Hopefully this isn’t as difficult as I hear!


  • Writing: Blog about a couple more final touches this month.  Also, get ahead on my freelance assignments so I’m not too stressed in May.
  • Be extra careful with my food and workout habits: Now that my dress is tailored perfectly, there’s no room for mistakes!


Wishing you a productive April!


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