-1 year anniversary

This post is going to have to take the form of a photo essay, because that’s the best way to describe this Memorial Day Weekend. 🙂



It catches me by surprise that even though my fiancé and I live together, we hardly spend time together! Not by choice – just that our work schedules don’t always match up and we usually have side projects and social events going on. So it was incredibly nice to be attached at the hip all vacation long.

Parliament Square


I opted out of cell service, but John got it. We were not immune to the outside world and the very real threat of flooding in Texas. Thankfully, all our friends and family were OK. It felt like a different world watching DFW, Austin, San Antonio and Houston flood through a tiny cell phone screen.

Paradise Island

We loved staying at Atlantis because it’s an aquarium, beach, waterpark, casino, nightclub, marina, etc. etc. etc. all in one. It was divided up so nicely so that if you wanted to avoid children, you easily could; if you had children and wished to steer clear of the clubs, you also easily could.

This was actually terrifying
The clearest beaches 🙂

We decided right on the first day that we would most definitely be returning someday with our kids. And mayyyybe we could make it a cousin meet-up situation (this line is here for Jon, Joe and Kristin 😉 ).

My favorite part
Cove beach

Now it’s back to the real world *sigh*. But at least I brought the best part of paradise back with me. 🙂



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